Daily UI #062 – Workout of the Day

Challenge: Create a layout that involves a user having a daily workout routine.

Capture 2

Daily Ui #062 – Workout of the Day Sketch

For this challenge I’ve been task to create a workout of the day layout for a user. The illustration and the sketch are basic. My original plan is to create a stomach for the illustration but I couldn’t because it was too complicated to create a stomach. I also feel like it would be useful to have an illustration of the stomach to give the user a scene of what anatomy of the user body they can work out. Maybe next time I’ll create a stomach for the illustration. The final illustration is down below.

Capture 3


Daily UI #013- Direct Messaging

Challenge: Design a Direct Messaging app, profile, or chatbox. Consider the parties involved in the messages, images, placement, and context of the messages. Are the messages for social purposes? Customer support?

Daily Ui #013 (Need to do)

I did three sketches for this challenge. I look up for some inspiration from Google to do the daily UI challenge. The challenge consists of me doing a layout for the context of messages. I was thinking of having a similar layout to Facebook’s messenger. On top, I have the list of friends of the user to show who is available to message at this time. On the left side of the screen, there is about me and more friends that the user wants to talk to. The final Illustration is down below.


Daily UI # 053 – Header Navigation

Challenge: Create a header navigation

CaptureDaily UI #053 sketch

I was inspire by the daily UI challenges to make a header navigation. I made a layout of website with the header navigation being the main focus of the challenge. Somethings simple for the user to navigation and click only once. I think the colors are distracting for the background of the final illustration. The final illustration is down below.

Daily Ui #053 Illustration

Daily Ui #049 – Notifications

Challenge: Create a Notifications page.

Daily Ui #049 sketches.PNG

Daily Ui #049 sketches

I don’t know what to say about this one. I don’t hate it but I don’t like it either. This design is so-so. I put my friend’s name to see if it will add any value to it but it didn’t make me like it any less. I feel as though it could be colors I choose for this challenge. I was thinking about how a smartphone works when you get your notifications. Usually, the user will pull down the notification where you can read all about what other people are doing. I guess I made it to broad and not enough envisioning it, the final illustration is down below.

Daily Ui #049 Illustration

Daily Ui #046 – Invoice

Challenge: Create an Invoice

Daily Ui #046 sketches

Daily UI #046 Sketches

I feel that this is the most successful UI challenge I ever did because of the color choices I choose and the typeface I choose for this challenge. I really worked hard on this and tried to make it look very official. I can’t say anything bad about the Invoice I made honestly. The final illustration is down below.  (Notice: I use the same date 02/08/2026 for the last three challenges including this one.)


Daily Ui #046 Illustration


Daily Ui #042 – To Do List

Challenge:  Make a to-do list.

Daily Ui #042 sketches

Daily Ui #042 Sketches

After the last challenge for the calendar was a success. I created a to-do list that had the clock, the time, and the date. Even I made it simpler, I feel like the text is too big for the mobile screen size. I should’ve made it smaller so it won’t be overwhelming to the viewer. Here is the result of the final illustration down below.

Daily Ui #042 Illustration



Daily Ui #038 – Calendar

Challenge: Design a Calendar focused element. Is it for scheduling an appointment? A reservation, flight, hotel, or concert calendar? Is it a calendar reminder feature? For email or something else entirely?

Daily Ui #038 sketches

Daily Ui #038 sketches

For this UI challenge, I created a calendar shows reminders for the user. I also created a clock and the time to go along with the calendar. There will be no need to check your phone or laptop to see what time is it to see if the user is late to the meeting. I feel like I was successful in this challenge because I added so much to the calender. I took inspiration from ‘Google Calendar’ and my windows feature that shows the date and time on the bottom right side of my laptop. I also made this little bit fun using real dates and adding my friends name as examples reminders for this challenge. Here is my final illustration down below.

Daily Ui #038 Illustration